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Dream Home Ideas 1000 word

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, one thing is for certain: we all have a dream house. You know, that home that you can picture yourself living in one day with its blue shutters, wrap-around porch, and flawless decor? We’ve all got one vision or another of the perfect abode that we’d live in if we won a million dollars.

The operative phrase when it comes all of our dream homes? “One day.” The dream house is something we picture for the future, which makes it seem like an unachievable thing.

Well, here’s a news flash: You can have your dream house right now! All you need are these 22 clever home design ideas to take your humble abode to the next level.

dream home ideas master bedroom

One of the coolest home ideas is to put up a small home like structure within your room to create a special effect. This can be made even more cozy by making your seating arrangement that looks colorful.  Add some nice lighting for warmth so that the whole place comes together.

dream home ideas design

One of the ways to put together a cool home idea for your dream home is by putting together a tree of memories. It can be a good way to put your memories in a way that is visually appealing and also provides you immediate access to the pictures of your family and loved ones.

dream home ideas pinterest

This is an idea that will appeal to the children in the home or even to those who have a childlike enthusiasm for such things. You can add a slide alongside the staircase to areas like the attic. This will not only be something that will provide a fun activity for everyone, but will also make transporting stuff back and forth really easy.

dream home ideas foxtel

Have you been to the circus? Then you know that all those trapeze artists jump and bounce around at great heights. To ensure that any accidental fall does not cause serious injury, a safety net is added to break their fall. Why not have something like this at home?

Better yet, do it in one of the rooms that children are reluctant to ordinarily spend a lot of time like the library. Children will not only enjoy some safe jumping around and get their exercise but also can be encouraged to do some reading while they are there.

dream home decorating ideas

By this what we mean having a concealed hot tub in a room can be a really cool and exciting thing to have around your home. It is great to imagine that a treat like this awaits you at the end of the day only to come out with the flick of a switch.

dream home interior ideas

No dream home is complete without a dream kitchen, and this Atlanta space sure fits the bill. Soaring ceilings, plenty of gorgeous cabinetry and hardware, a butcher block island and beadboard walls are just a few standout features to fulfill our fantasy.

cool dream home ideas

The rough, raw edge on these Mysore Black granite countertops, paired here with knotty alder cabinets in an auburn stain, creates a not-too-perfect look that’s hard not to admire.

dream home ideas home

As long as we’re dreaming, we can fantasize about all the free time we’ll have to actually bake things in our new kitchen. And of course we’ll have a spot for every appliance, such as this nifty pullout dedicated to a stand mixer.

hgtv dream home ideas

Of course, a grand kitchen should have (at least) two islands. This spacious Canadian kitchen features an island with storage and a sink as well as another island for dining. Oh, and we’ll take one of those dedicated Jack Daniel’s-themed bars while we’re at it.

The great thing about putting together a dream kitchen is that it doesn’t have to be completely cohesive — just like a real dream isn’t. This diner setup in a Los Angeles kitchen evokes a bit of nostalgia and ensures a fun experience every morning.

ideas for dream home

In a dream home, no expense is spared in any space. That was the idea behind this laundry room created by designer Dina Bandman for the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. The blue-and-white room features hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper, a window treatment from Lee Jofa and porcelain tile flooring from Country Floors. And there’s even a stunning tiled dog wash station.

cottage dream home ideas

Sometimes, the most perfect part of home isn’t actually IN your home. One of our design obsessions are “she sheds“; transformed sheds to give you a little private space away from home. Think a “man cave” but completely designed to your personal tastes.

dream home ideas australia

It’s easy to take a couch from cheap to classy — just switch up the legs! Take off the tacky plastic legs and replace them with an elegant, metal variety. Even if the metal is more like “metal” (i.e. not real) it still makes your couch look like it’s worth a million bucks.

dream home ideas small apartments

Improved technologies and ventilation mean you can love the water all year round – without the rest of the home feeling damp or smelling like chlorine. Even better, today’s indoor pool often has plenty of amenities taken from the spa. Get a workout; relieve the stress. Whatever you do, it’s time to luxuriate in your own home’s indoor pool.

modern dream home design ideas

We’ve all heard about the in-home chef’s kitchen with its huge island, cooking spaces and top-of-the-line appliances. Has Ellen DeGeneres ever remodeled a home without one? And it is now not unusual to find many new homes including some or all of these features and amenities. So what add to a kitchen that already seems to have just about everything? How about having everything within reach when you’re entertaining? Yes, the butler’s pantry is back!

my dream home ideas

Finally, to me, you can’t call it a dream home unless you’ve got your own bar. Here, two architects converted their garage into a lively entertainment area featuring a quartz bar counter atop painted wood pallets.

kitchen dream home ideas

There’s a lot to be said for all the wallpaper options these days. But few things come close to having walls hand-painted in a unique design. In this powder room, an artist created a lovely forest scene.

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