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Screened In Porch Ideas – The porch has actually long been the excellent gathering place for summer season evenings. While some people might prefer an open patio, an elevated deck, or a year-round Screened in porch, screened-in porches have a lot of attraction as well as fond memories as well.

Secured from the aspects by a strong roofing, screened porches enable both light and winds to filter through their insect-proof barrier.

A screened porch is excellent for seasonal eating and amusing, or simply silently relaxing and also delighting in the sight. Right here’s a peek at several of our favorite tranquil and also inviting screened porches.

Modern Design


With these great screened in porches ideas you will have no problem getting the unique decorating experience that you always wanted.

The best part about all of this is that the porch looks great and the overall design is visually distinct and incredibly fun. Just consider giving it a shot and you are bound to like it quite a lot in the end. It’s certainly one of the better options and you will not be disappointed in the end.

Traditional Porch


You don’t need to opt for the very complex screened in porches ideas. There are some simpler options to take into consideration too, and this one works really well in particular.

The color combination is nice and at the same time you do have some extra space in front of your home. It’s not the ultimate porch, but it does work extremely well for this type of home, and that’s what really matters the most in the end. It’s certainly worth a shot if you like high quality builds and nice homes in particular.

Farmhouse in the Berkshires

by Kevin Sprague

A 215-year-old house restored by Kristine Sprague in Massachusetts’ Berkshire Mountains features a low front porch with posts and a wood floor. The front entry is oriented to the side of the road, looking toward a green field—an unusual orientation that indicates the road probably came after the house was built.

Southwestern Porch

by Whit Preston

There’s an LBJ connection with this Austin front porch. No, President Lyndon B. Johnson didn’t sit for a spell and chew the fat with his cronies after retirement from the White House. But that travertine is from the nearby LBJ Library after it underwent a remodel. Columns and beams are made of Douglas fir, and custom steel brackets support painted rafters and a blue tongue-and-groove wood porch roof.

Coastal Queen Anne

by Jim Bartsch

A Queen Anne-style house in the charming coastal city of Santa Barbara was built in the 1910s—which is considered old by Southern California standards. With the help of an architectural historian, Thompson Naylor Architects updated and refurbished the house carefully to maintain its historical character and integrity. The only noticeable exterior changes are two dormers and a new attached garage in a sympathetic style. The porch’s more ornamental details are painted in blue.

Purple Porch

by Small saucers are repurposed to display this home’s address. nola.agent/Flickr/CC-2.0

New Orleans’ Algiers Point includes neat Victorian cottages and porches decorated with, well, whatever the owner pleases. And why not? This one has fresh paint and trim, wooden shutters, and clever touches like saucers that bear the address displayed on a porch post. Fleur de lis, wreaths, and potted plants add to its appeal.

Old Virginia Porch

by Connie Ma/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

A blue house in Virginia is made more inviting by that refurbished vintage high-backed white chair and settee and coordinating cushions. New just wouldn’t do.

Relaxed in Beverly Hills

by Laura Hull Photography

A family’s long, frustrating search for the perfect new home ended up with them staying put in their 1960s-built house. The house was torn down and in its place, Tim Barber Ltd Architecture and D.C. Williamson General Contracting gave them their dream home: a shingle-style home with a porch, terrace, custom millwork, leaded glass doors, and many other custom features. The porch features wood flooring and ashlar.  Landscape design was provided by Wade Graham Landscape Studio, LLC.

Midcentury Modern

by Lisa Hallett Taylor

A two-story Midcentury modern house designed by architect George Bissell in the early 1960s features a second-floor porch or balcony that spans the entire length of the house and extends the living space. The porch of the Laguna Beach area home is accessed via sliding-glass doors.

Lots of Glass


Maybe the nicest thing about this one is that it combines multiple screened in porches ideas. It really works the way you want and it looks astonishing too.

It delivers the type of visuals and attention to detail that you always needed, and the value is quite great because of that reason alone.

Adding so much glass and bringing in that darker tone does seem to work very well and it just makes everything look better and cooler as a whole. If you are a fan of adding glass to your screened in porch, this really works!

Upper Decker


Sometimes, the screened in porches ideas can be a bit more complex. This one is located above the stairs, and it’s actually looking more than ok.

It’s a nice and definitely a more distinct approach, much unlike anything else out there. But it looks nice, it’s very easy to clean up and the visuals on their own are more than ok. It’s the type of thing that everyone will like because it’s designed to bring in quality and value in a single package.

Simplicity is Key


As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to be too focused on large screened in porches ideas. A smaller screened in porch works just as well.

This one in particular looks very nice and it delivers the type of experience that you can rarely find anywhere else. It’s crucial to take your time with decorating here, but the visuals are nice, the experience on its own is unique, so that’s definitely going to matter quite a lot for the entire experience in the end.

Large Screened in Porch


This one in particular is focused too much on offering a rather distinct and unique quality. The features integrated in here are extremely good and you will be pretty impressed with the attention to detail and the host of other features that you can find in here.

The experience is outstanding, and there’s just a whole lot of stuff to be found with this particular idea. What you will realize here is that everything works just as expected and the integrated fireplace just does wonders from a visual perspective.

Party Ready Porch

Get your porch ready for summer parties, last-minute get-togethers, or casual hangouts with rocking chairs, ample storage, and a long table to display food and small bites. Then, set the scene by adding green garland and comfy floor pillows. Be sure to have a cooler ready to go (a wheel barrow also works!) and your favorite sangria recipe on hand.

Picture Perfect Porch

With ceiling fans, rocking chairs, symmetrical planters, and a loyal dog, this Texas home’s porch couldn’t be prettier.

Multifunctional Porch

Meet the hardest working porch in Georgia: It’s a sitting room, a mudroom, a potting station, and a breakfast nook rolled into one—the perfect way to take advantage of a yearly average temperature of 62 degrees.

Simple Porch

The homeowners of this lakeside Vermont bungalow hired regional contractors and cabinetmakers, and relied on natural materials sourced nearby to renovate their home.

Autumn Vibes

Fall is all about making your home as cozy as possible—why not extend that feeling to your front porch? A wooden ladder displaying colorful throws, grapevine wreaths, and a bushel basket planter are just a few simple ways to amp up your porch for fall.

Mountain Retreat

Red Adirondack chairs by Cost Plus World Market look out on the Lemhi and Lost River mountains from this Idaho cabin’s back porch.

Patriotic Porch

Flags are a yearly tradition during the summer on this Long Island home’s porch. “I hang them a different way each year,” says the homeowner, who traded with a neighbor to get the trestle table on the porch.

Traditional White Porch

This porch utilizes two hanging baskets to mount the area and also mirror both lamp sconces that mount the front door with a warm glow.

Container yards and also a lush border include shade to this room. Proportion is nitty-gritty with this porch, as well as it is a classic instance of how symmetrical design functions could add sophistication to an outdoor area.

Porch with Plenty of Seats

Dueling porch swings supply lots of seating. In a pinch, the wide front actions could additionally work as a location to perch.

Key Largo

by Michael Wolk Design

A covered lanai-style side porch offers views usually reserved for once-in-a-lifetime vacations. Imagine enjoying Mai Tais while taking in a changing sunset and silhouettes of palm trees every day, like the owner of this beautiful home designed by Michael Wolk Design Associates Since it is “screened-in”, high-end modern furniture like the Saarinen dining set and Aalto bentwood chair are safe from the elements.

Traditional in Chicago

by Michael Lipman Photography

This traditional Chicago-area home from Siena Custom Builders features a gable entry, flat roof, half columns, and stone pedestals or bases.

Hurricane Rebirth

by Stephen Buchanan

Located on the West River in Annapolis, Maryland, this home was rebuilt by Nugent Design Build after the original structure was destroyed by Hurricane Isabel in 2003. The homeowners had lived in the house since 1953 and wanted to keep the timeless, old-home feel of their original home. Purple Cherry Architects gave them an updated version, which includes this circular porch that offers breathtaking views of the river.

Rear Wraparound

by Harth

“The overall goal of any “addition” to a home is to make it appear as if it has always been there, even if it’s on the back of the home,” says designer Katie Petruzzo of Harth Builders. All-new trim, roof shingles, and other features were matched with the existing home.

Decking is TimberTech, which should be easier to maintain and last longer than real wood in the Pennsylvania climate. “Our clients wanted to enjoy their new covered porch as much as possible during the warmer months, which is why we installed a ceiling fan,” says Petruzzo. “Exterior ceiling fans are great for keeping the pesky bugs away. We also designed stairs on either side of the cabana for easy access to any part of the yard. This is now a great outdoor space for entertaining family and friends”.

Row House Porch

by James C. Schell

The owners of this Philadelphia row house updated by JC Schell did their research and selected a Victorian color scheme that is true to the period and fits in well with the neighborhood.

Communal Porch

by Warren Jagger

The Kyle House, built by Kendall & Welch, is actually a group of four small cottages connected together via a long boardwalk in the resort town of Cape Cod. Everything is about life on the boardwalk, dunes, and the beaches, so this communal porch is an ice breaker for vacationers and summer residents who can get to know one another over barbecues, bonfires, or morning coffee.

Semi Wraparound

The small state of Delaware might not seem like beach country, but it’s possible to own a nice custom-built coastal home in a charming small town for a lower cost than its Eastern neighbors. This expansive home by The Lewes Building Co. features a wraparound porch with columns, arches, and plenty of room to sit and enjoy the view.

Traditional Shingle Style

by Jessica Tanzer for Daniel Garber

While the homeowners desired a new home, they wanted it to look like it was built during the same period as the older Palo Alto homes in California’s Silicon Valley. Fergus Garber Young Architects designed a shingle-style home in which a portion of the second story roof extends down to create a large front porch, which is a prominent feature of shingle-style architecture. The hanging lanterns are by Cape Cod and Cabot solid stain in Mountain Brush was used on the wood shingles and teardrop horizontal siding.



Seeing everything through a transparent porch may not be the ultimate idea, but it really is a cool idea as a whole. It’s just a fun approach to be had and it brings you one of the coolest ways to have a porch area while also making it look cool.

It’s the type of investment that works and sounds really nice, and you are definitely going to enjoy this one quite a lot because of it. The attention to detail is extremely interesting and you are surely going to appreciate the value and quality delivered via this approach.

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