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No need to go to a cafe to get a cup of coffee, if you can have it in your own house, while enjoying a little chit chat with your spouse or your dearest one. All you need is a cozy coffee bar, filled with your favorite coffee.

Home coffee bar is something a coffee addict should never miss. Especially if they want to relax in their own house, without spending much money buying a cup of capuccino in a cafe. Design your coffee bar in a stylish look, and make it your treasure.

Need inspiration in designing your coffee bar? Worry not. We have 26 homey coffee bar ideas you can try in your house. You can choose the right coffee bar idea depends on your personality, taste, and of course your room space.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down and see, if any of these ideas can be a good match to your personality.

“Ugh, the kitchen area doesn’t offer enough space for me to have a coffee bar!” Okay, we get it.

We’re more than happy to tell you that you can manage even a small space at the corner for a coffee bar.

Here is how: find the perfect corner, and then use a small table where you place the coffee machine and its complementary friends, like sugar and milk.

It’s okay if the table doesn’t provide space or storage for the cups. Be creative and hang those cups over the machine.

Use unique decoration to emphasize the fact that this is your own litter café. To make it less mundane, install a lamp fixture next to the machine for that relaxing ambience.

When we wake up, there are two things that we need: God and coffee (or coffee and God).

To remind you of God while you’re sipping your morning coffee, place His name on your DIY cup holder board, so your daily coffee is always blessed by His grace.

If kitchen area is selected for the coffee bar, use similar cabinet like the rest of the kitchen.

This white cabinet is topped by a nice dark oak wood that’s matched with the DIY cup holder board on the wall. For a nice additional touch, place a pot of lavender on the side.

“Where’s the C-O-F-F-E?” What’s left is E, but E is for Eehh… it’s coffee time?! Yes it is! Here is how to make your coffee bar out of the ordinary.

Usually, people DIY or buy a wood pallet to hang their coffee mugs, but it’s too common!

To stand out, use this industrial metal basket with a hanging bar for the mugs. The metal’s rustic color matches with the pallet used for the top shelf.

Under it, the metal basket is utilized to store extra coffee mugs and holders. At the bottom shelf, a bar is hanged so the cups can be hooked from there.

For those, including you, who love to look simple yet chic, this coffee bar idea may suit your style well. The crisp white cabinets match the wall nicely, making them look united.

A black chalkboard that adds contrast is available to host the recipe of a cup of scrumptious latte. Two black sconces are attached on top of the chalkboard, providing sufficient light for multiple users.

Are you really into the charm of rustic style? If it’s so, you are going to love this coffee counter.

The distressed cabinet doors provide the well-worn look – old, but not obsolete. Get this look by painting the doors white and sand them down until you have the authentic look of a vintage cabinet.

To decorate the blank wall, a few wood planks are hung as the labels of the coffee bar.

Using up every nook and cranny is the smart solution to save more space without downsizing the essential furniture. And this corner coffee bar is a perfect place to concoct the best coffee without compromising the limited space you have.

The cabinet is painted off-white to match the wall, while crisp white baseboard is installed at the bottom to make it flow into one being.

If you do not have much time to make a fancy coffee bar with a cabinet and countertop, use any table existed at home. Some wrought iron racks with hooks will provide double functions – shelves where you can put your cups and hooks to hang them.

As the wall décor, six monograms spelt as C-O-F-F-E-E are hung next to the racks.

This coffee bar will add style to your kitchen. The X barn doors are the embodiment of the farmhouse style. Instead of painting it white to complement the tongue-and-groove wall, navy blue is used to add more color to the kitchen.

A shelf hanging over the butcher-block countertop holds the important ingredients to make a cup of coffee or tea. The top shelf is used to stash less-used items.

You can use simple elements to shape the extraordinary and happily IKEA shelters lost of these. Simply shape your coffee corner to fit your needs with items that you actually love and the ensemble will surely end up beautiful, functional, ready to entertain.

Simple floating shelves can highlight your coffee bar, use mugs and frames to personalize your space with ease. Here the dark gray segment accentuates the bar a bit.

Chalkboard and the right typography can redefine your coffee bar, here emphasized by wooden textures, small pieces of greenery and earthy tones the composition is beautifully balanced.

Wire hooks are a recurring element that can make a diy coffee bar great justice yet in the composition below the reclaimed wood stands out through simplicity, the white-wood is subdued to its setting yet it complements the scene elegantly.

Source Unknown

One could argue that typography cannot be overdone and the design makes this statement justice, it`s simple on its own but the abundance of great fonts and messages makes it stand out.

If you have a little space in your kitchen or dining room, you can use it to store your coffee by setting a rack. To make it more stylish, you can also add a decoration lamp, set the coffee cup in certain order, and cover the floor with a little carpet. Looks so simple yet so stylish, isn’t it?

Want a comfy place to think while it is raining outside? Just set a coffee bar near a window. All you need is just a tiny rack to store your coffee and place your water heater or coffee brewer. You can set a wall storage to store the creamer, sugar, and also your coffee cups. A simple wall decoration can be perfect too.

Living in a studio apartment does not allow you to have a coffee bar since it’s so narrow? Don’t worry, you can store your coffee on the wall by using wall storage. Store your coffee set in certain order to make it classier. A little cactus plant can be a perfect decoration too. This coffee bar idea is perfect for your kitchen. Or you can also set it near the apartment window, so you can enjoy your coffee while enjoying the view from your apartment in the end of the day.

A fan of farmhouse style will definitely like this coffee bar style. Get a rustic storage to store your coffee. Hang your coffee cups on the wall. Place the sugar can, creamer can, and the other on the table. You can decorate the wall with plants too to make your coffee bar greener.

If you don’t have enough space to build a coffee bar, why don’t set it in the corner of the room? You can store your coffee inside the cupboard, and set some wall racks, setting your coffee cups in certain order. Don’t forget to place your water heater on the cupboard too, along with the sugar can and creamer can.

Build a DIY coffee station from industrial style pipe shelves to get a great focal point in your decor.​

Bookshelf Coffee Station

​Bring an old bookshelf to life with a few coats of paint. Add the right accessories, like a cute wire basket and a rod or two for dishtowels to get the perfect coffee station.

Such a great way to add flare to your small space. Design an at-home coffee bar in your kitchen that lets you keep the essentials close, but not taking up counter space. And that wall quote brings it to life!​

Repurpose an old dresser and turn it into a personal coffee station for storing your coffee essentials.


Use a rolling cart to create a well-organized coffee station. Simple and functional, place your mugs, machines and condiments on a rolling cart for easy access at all times.

This navy blue organizer with copper hardware can help you keep mugs within reach.

Perk up your morning and save yourself from the afternoon slump.

Autumn is here, everyone! Pumpkin and dry leaves are decorating the neighborhood. Why don’t you take the atmosphere inside to your home? This is a great idea to create a seasonal mood for your coffee bar.

Use a chalkboard to draw a cute small pumpkin. Next to it, hang on to the wall, shelves used for storing clean cups.

Meanwhile, the coffee make and its complementary friends, like sugar, milk and everything else are placed on top of the cabinet.

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